"The Architect Antoni Gaudí - Myth and Reality"



 Director and script
     Frederike Müller
 Director and camera
     Lars Wendt
 Supervising Editor
     Ursula Pürrer
 Translations     Juan Aballe Aramburu
     Suzanne Bachmann-Mosley
 Music     Barcelona Guitar Quartet
     Lluis Llach (Schott Music GmbH)
 With the voices of
     Ulrike Kriener
     Till Hagen
     Elia Zimmermann
     Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jos Tomlow
     Gaudí-Group Delft/ Hochschule Zittau-Görlitz

     Daniel Giralt-Miracle
     General Commissioner of the International Gaudí Year       

     Liliana Antoniucci
     CCCB Barcelona, Exposition "Universe Gaudí"

     Laura Mercader
     University of Barcelona

     Luis Gueilburt
     Director of the Study Center Gaudinistas Barcelona
 Running time
     69 minutes
 Technical format
 A Coproduction by

Theatrical distributor
 in Germany
     Ciné Canard & wendtfilm, Berlin
     Germany 2002-2006
    Basis-Film Verleih Berlin