"The Architect Antoni Gaudí - Myth and Reality"

  Short interview with the filmmakers (extract)

Frederike Müller: The first time we visited Gaudi’s works in Barcelona we had a strange feeling after a few days that something was amiss. There were numerous mythical stories about Gaudi, but we were left searching for something really tangible about his buildings. In 2002 when the International Gaudi Year took place, we found the first answers. We decided to make a film which takes on this tension between myths and reality, and in a scientific sense, has real profundity.

Lars Wendt: We got a lot of support for our project from those who have been occupied with Gaudi for years. The idea of looking at something more closely and, in the process, expose the stories as myths, even if they were tangible, was very much to their liking.

Frederike Müller: Apart from the voice for science and the public in general – in an explanatory sense, (laughs) it is important
for me personally that it has become a veritable European film. The subject is European history and, in addition to that, nobody in the film interviews speaks in his mother tongue – the Dutch professor speaks German, the art historian originating from an Italian family, speaks Spanish as well as the Catalans.